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Toothaches are the number one reason for truancy in many countries. Over 1.6 million days of school are missed in the US alone due to oral diseases (based on 1996 statistics). In Thailand, dental problems caused 1,900 hours of school
lost per 1,000 children in 2008. Between 60% and 90% of school children worldwide have dental caries.

Over 2.4 million days of work are missed due to oral diseases in the US alone (based on 1996 statistics). Thus, oral diseases are major causes of economic and social loss for individuals
and countries.

A beautiful smile, healthy teeth, and healthy gums can dramatically improve one's self-esteem and overall happiness. This can help someone socially to make friends, nail an interview, or even fall in love.

90% of children with noma do not receive care and have very low chances of survival. Noma is a disfiguring gangrenous disease mostly affecting young children in Sub-Saharan Africa. The disease is a result of extreme poverty, poor hygiene, malnutrition as well as compromised immunity and other factors. Simple, but early treatment can save lives!




Purchase with a Purpose.







In July of 2017, Dragonfly Effect Naturals visited Brown's Town, Jamaica to take part in a camp hosted by our partner Love Unlimited Foundation.

Thanks to purchases made by customers, Dragonfly Effect was able to donate school supply kits to 100+ students at Brown's Town Model Basic School.

This is our first of MANY giving trips to come!!